Administrative Assistant Interview Questions (10 Essential Examples and Answers)

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Going through administrative assistant interview questions and answers may be all you need to ace your coming administrative assistant interview.

When interviewing for an administrative assistant position, the interviewer would want to learn more about how your qualifications are relevant and fits the position you are interviewing for. The reason being that administrative assistant position requires both administrative and good interpersonal skills before you can be effective in the role.

Looking for the possible questions that may come up in your interview? We got you covered. In this guide we will provide you with 10 common administrative assistant interview questions and answers.

Administrative Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Administrative Assistant Interview Questions (10  Essential Examples and Answers)

Below are common questions to expect when interviewing for an administrative assistant position and also effective answers to give that best tackle the questions.

Administrative assistant interview questions – Sample Answer #1

What is the most difficult part of being an admin assistant?

“I find the most difficult part of the admin assistant role as having to rely on external partners and organizations to get a specific task completed. When I am relying on external partners or businesses to respond to queries or questions, it can be challenging and frustrating, as the success of your own task relies on them responding and doing their part of the job in a timely manner.


Although this part of the role can be frustrating, I quite enjoy chasing people and putting pressure on them to do their task, simply because my job is reliant on them performing. I am always courteous and polite when dealing with people, companies or partners but I do find that being in regular contact with them during the task completion process helps to get the job completed more quickly.”

Administrative assistant interview questions – Sample Answer #2

What skills do you believe are most important in the role of an administrative assistant and why?

“I consider the administrative assistant role to be critical for making sure an office runs smoothly. In order to ensure the office runs smoothly at all times, an administrative assistant needs to have excellent communication, time-management and organizational skills. In my previous role as an executive assistant, I was responsible for creating and managing the schedule of four executives.

Administrative assistant interview questions – Sample Answer #3

What do you enjoy about being an administrative assistant?

 “What I enjoy most about being an administrative assistant is being able to know everything going on throughout the office and being a key person who makes sure everything in the office runs smoothly. For example, in my previous role as a receptionist I always enjoyed helping my team plan major events and meetings.”

Administrative assistant interview questions – Sample Answer #4

What experience do you have in multitasking that is relevant to this position?

I’ve had professional and educational experience planning and scheduling activities. As part of the student board at my university, I was responsible for planning several large annual events. Additionally, in my previous office I was in charge of making all travel arrangements for every member of the executive board. I’m familiar with using computer scheduling programs and coordinating conference calls. No matter how many tasks I have before me, I always make sure I prioritize in order that I know how much time to spend on each and the overall amount of attention each requires.

Administrative assistant interview questions – Sample Answer #5

What would you do if you didn’t get on with someone in the office?

Although I have never found myself in this type of situation, I feel I could handle it maturely and professionally. I understand that sometimes we can’t get on with everyone, but I would always try my best to be friendly, professionally and helpful with anyone I worked with.

If there was someone I didn’t get on with, I would fist of all go out of my way to try and make friends as this would be beneficial to the team environment. I would also look at my own actions to see if I were doing anything that was potentially contributing to the situation.

Administrative assistant interview questions – Sample Answer #6

Do you plan to stay in the insurance industry, or do you have other long-term career goals?

I’d like to use my time as an administrative assistant to learn more about the other available insurance positions. I’m eager to find out more about the field and what different career paths are available. I’d like to continue my education through night classes at a university or professional continuing education programs.

Administrative assistant interview questions – Sample Answer #7

How much do you know about the company and the insurance industry?


I’ve read through the company details on the job description and also visited the website to get a good feel for your company history and current practices. I’m also dedicated to keeping up with inter-office news and announcements. Additionally, I’ve taken some courses relating to the insurance industry. I’m also a fast learner and plan to research more about the industry and the company once I’ve started on the job.

Administrative assistant interview questions – Sample Answer #8

Why do you want this job and what can you bring to the role?

“I have studied the job description in detail and I feel strongly that I have the skills, qualities and experience to match the role. For example, part of the role requires an ability to plan, organize and be responsible for the organizations day-to-day activities. In my previous role I was praised for this type of work. I believe I have extensive experience of organizing all types of work.

I can be relied upon to organize all of your tasks and will never miss an important deadline. In addition to being organized, I set myself very high-standards, have solid communication skills, can be trusted to deal with your customers and clients and am competent in all administrative software packages such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. I feel strongly you will be impressed with my work ethic and I will not let you down if I am successful at interview today.”

Administrative assistant interview questions – Sample Answer #9

What are your strengths?

“I believe I have a number of key strengths and qualities that would be highly useful within this role. To begin with, I am highly organized and can plan tasks effectively in order to make sure they are successful. I also have the ability to work alone as well as part of a team. I am a strong communicator, both face-to-face and via email. I set myself high standards and feel I can be a positive role model for your company.

Finally, one of my key strengths is that I can be relied upon to deliver my work to a very high standard. It is important for you to employ an admin assistant who can be left alone to get on with their work. If you employ me, I will work hard to perform my duties competently and professionally at all times.”

Administrative assistant interview questions – Sample Answer #10

What are your weaknesses? “

I feel my main weakness is that I sometimes take on too much work, simply because I don’t want to say no. By taking on too much work, it can potentially have a detrimental impact on my other tasks, so I am learning to complete tasks thoroughly first, before agreeing to take on additional tasks.

Having said that, I do feel it is my responsibility to take on as much work as possible, and I can be relied upon to work hard and complete tasks thoroughly. If I feel there is a task put my way that I cannot deliver on time and to the right standard, I will always look to find someone else within the office who is equally as competent to take on the role.

Finally, I am always looking to personally develop and improve my skills based on reflective analysis of my performance.”

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An administrative assistant position can be one of the most common positions in the job market that is high in demand. Yet a company’s efficient operation depends on the administrative assistant. To get your administrative assistant career started, you will have to undergo the interview and the above administrative assistant interview questions and answers will help you ace your interview.

That is it on our guide on administrative assistant interview questions and answers

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