Nigeria ZIP Code – Correct 2020 Nigeria Postal Code

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Nigeria ZIP (Postal) Code -When filling an online form, be it an online registration, a job application, etc you are must time asked to fill in your Nigeria ZIP code or postal code.

A lot of people make the mistake of using the wrong digit like “234” as their zip code or postal code. 234 is not a postal code of any state, city, LGA in Nigeria. It is the international dialing code for Nigeria (for instance, United States international dialing code is “01”, Ghana international dialing code is “233”).

In fact, ZIP code is not the appropriate term to use in Nigeria.

What is ZIP Code?

ZIP code which stands for Zone Improvement Plan is a postal code used by the United States. It was since introduced in 1960s, and has been the preferred term to refer to postal code in the United States.

ZIP code which is originally meant for the United States consists of 5 digits. As at 1983, it was extended to nine digits to target specific locations in United States.

What is Nigeria ZIP Code?

Like I said before, Nigeria and other countries make use of postal codes not ZIP codes except the United States that make use of it.


Nigeria postal codes are numbers, consisting of six digits. The Nigeria Postal Service, NIPOST divided the country into nine regions which make up the first digit of Nigeria postal code.

The second and third digits combined with the first digit are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. And the last three digits represent the delivery location.

The delivery location can be a post office, a rural, or an urban area depending on the location.

The main postal head office in each of the nine regions has its last three digits as “001”. For instance, Ikeja which is the postal head office in Lagos is “100001”. Garki which is the postal head office in Abuja is “900001”.

When filling an online form and you see a section where you are to fill in ZIP code, postal code, or ZIP/postal code, just go ahead and fill in the postal code for your location.


Lists of Nigeria Zip/Postal codes

There are lots of post offices, rural, and urban areas in charge of postal services in Nigeria. But generally, there are postal codes for the postal head office in each state in Nigeria which you can use to fill in the field for ZIP/Postal code.

  • Abia State Nigeria zip code – 440001
  • Abuja FCT Nigeria zip code  –  900001
  • Adamawa Nigeria zip code  – 640001
  • Akwa-Ibom Nigeria zip code  – 520001
  • Anambra Nigeria zip code  – 420001
  • Bauchi Nigeria zip code  – 740001
  • Borno  Nigeria zip code – 600001
  • Cross-River Nigeria zip code  – 540001
  • Delta Nigeria zip code  – 320001
  • Ebonyi Nigeria zip code – 840001
  • Edo  Nigeria zip code  –  300001
  • Enugu  – 400001
  • Imo   –  460001
  • Jigawa  – 720001
  • Kaduna   – 8000014
  • Kano   –  700001
  • Katsina   – 820001
  • Kebbi    –  860001
  • Kogi   – 260001
  • Kwara  – 240001
  • Lagos, Island  – 101001
  • Lagos, Mainland  – 100001
  • Niger  – 920001
  • Ogun  –  110001
  • Ondo  –  340001
  • Osun  – 230001
  • Oyo –  200001
  • Plateau – 930001
  • Rivers  –  500001
  • Sokoto – 840001
  • Taraba  – 660001
  • Yobe   – 320001

How to Check for Postal Codes for Specific Cities/LGA in Nigeria

Unlike the above listed postal codes for states in Nigeria which you can use any time when filling any form that requests for postal/ZIP codes, you can also check for postal codes for specific cities or LGA or streets.

If you intend receiving a hardcopy mail, documents, or item via a nearby post office in your area, follow the steps below.

How to get Nigeria zip code
  • Select the state
  • Select the town
  • Select the area
  • Select the street
  • Click Get Code

For instance, I decided to go with these options

  • State:    Lagos
  • Town:   Lagos
  • Area:     Maryland
  • Street:  Abiola Close
Nigeria zip code sample

The image above is the result of the nearby post office postal code in Abiola Close Street, MaryLand, Lagos, Lagos State which is 100211.

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Now it’s Your Turn

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Nigeria ZIP Code – Correct 2020 Nigeria Postal Code
How To Check BVN (Simple Step-By-Step Guide)

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