10 Perfect Signs An Interview Went Well

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How can you tell the signs an interview went well? What is the best sign you can get in the interview that will tell you that you have a good chance of getting a second interview opportunity?

If there is one thing that makes job candidates restless when applying for a job offer, it’s the uncertainty of the outcome of the interview. After days of the interview, and you cannot tell your stand, this can be maddening – especially if you feel you did pretty well in the interview.

Knowing the signs an interview went well can be tricky, oftentimes, not so clear. But when you do, you will be able to determine your fate immediate the interview comes to an end.

Ready to know the Perfect Signs An Interview Went Well?

Let’s get started:

Signs an Interview Went Well

While you probably cannot tell 100 percent certainly the outcome of your interview, there are some good signs an interview went well that indicates you did well in the interview.


Instead of agonizing day-to-day, reflecting over a play-by-play of the interview, and doubting your performance during the interview, below are pretty good signs an interview went well. And if you witnessed these things in your interview, there is a big chance you are getting called up for the second interview or even get a congratulatory call or mail that you have been granted the job offer.

#1: They use “When” and not “If”

Paying close attention to the words the employer is saying during the interview can give you a big clue if they are envisioning you working as the candidate for the open position.

When they make use of word lie “When you…” instead of “if a…” it strongly indicates they have interest in you filling up the position. They wouldn’t bother much knowing what your take will be on certain scenario if they are not considering you for the offer.

Languages that are specifically directed to you can also be helpful too. Like, “when you start, what will….”, “after your training, our supervisors will…” are great signs an interview went well.

#2: The Interviewer gives positive affirmation

If during the interview, you keep getting positive response from the interviewer, then you are on the right track. This is a significantly clear sign that your interview is going successfully. Pay close attention to the way they respond to your answers.

For instance, positive feedback like, “That’s perfect”, “Great! Exactly what we are looking for” are good indicators that the interviewer likes you and also good signs an interview went well.

#3: They provide you with a lot of details about the open position and company

Job interview is not only meant for evaluating a candidate to know whether or not he is a good fit for the open position. It is also meant for evaluating the position or company to know if it is also a good fit for the candidate too. This is usually rare and unseen during an interview, but whenever such a thing happens, it is a clear sign that an interview went well.

When a hiring manager offers you lot lots of vital information about the position you are interviewing for, they are trying to persuade you that the job is good for you, since they have already deem you fit for the role.

Additionally, if you are taken to the place where you will be working when employed, it is a clear sign that they are interested in you working in the position.  And what if they talk about the perks and bonuses you will be getting when employed, like free foods, medical allowances, gym memberships? It is a good sign, since they need you for their role and it also one of the perfect signs an interview went well.

#4: The conversation turns casual

The main center of discussion in an interview is meant to be business, since that is how the interview determines if you are the best fit for the job. But if during the course of the interview, the conversation gets casual, that’s also one of the perfect signs an interview went well.

Having a casual conversation in an interview mean that the interviewer did not only consider you for the job, but also wants to know more about you and hoping you will join the team.

#5: They introduced you to other staffs

For an interviewer to introduce you to other staff is one of the great signs an interview went well.

If for any reason after the interview, the interviewer takes you on a tour and shows you your potential colleagues, other staff members like higher management staffs; it is a clear sign you are choose to fill the open position

#6: You get details on next steps

Whenever someone tell you something like “we’ll reach out next week with an offer”, it is an obvious reason you got it in the bag and one of the great signs an interview went well.

Next steps don’t have to be said specifically by the employer. Positive statements or vibes like “the employer shakes you with a smile, and says something along the line, “We’ll be in touch with you soon”, it shows they are eager and willing to strike a deal with you. But when you get a phrase like this “We’ll get back to you” usually expresses dissatisfaction.


#7: They discuss your start date

If for any reason your interviewer brings up your start date, it is a very clear sign that are impressed with you.

Maybe during the interview, the interviewer asked you question like “when is the latest you could join us?” or they might ask “if you were given the offer, how soon would you be available to start the job?” These questions signifies that an employer is thinking about granting you the job offer, and before they extend an offer, they would want to know how soon you are going to be available.

#8: The interview went longer than scheduled

If your interview went longer than scheduled, it could also be a good sign that you did well in the interview.

After an interview, be it an in-person interview, a phone interview, a video conferencing interview; take a note of how long the interview took. Did it lasted as scheduled, or did it last much longer than expected?

If an interview lasts longer than planned, it is also one of the great signs an interview went well. Thus, it signifies that you were able to get the interviewer engaged, and interested in learning more about you and your abilities that can be helpful to their open position.

#9: The Interviewer exchanged contact number with you

It is very uncommon for an interviewer to exchange their contact number with you. If after an interview, the interviewer shares their business card, or personal mail, or phone number with you – you should do same to – it is a very clear sign that they are interested in you and also awaits your follow up email.

Anytime this transpires in an interview, it is one of the very clear signs an interview went well.

#10: Your follow up email gets an immediate positive response

Sending a follow-up email after an interview shows the hiring managers that you are serious and they will also find it helpful.

Once you’ve sent your follow up mail expressing your gratitude for the opportunity given to you for an interview, be conscious of the time it took the hiring manager to respond to your email. A prompt positive response is a good news you did well in the interview.

Pay close attention to the tone of the message. Something like “thank you very much for participating in the interview, we very much appreciate it and your efforts in the interview, we look forward to following up with you later this week. Do have a nice day” is a positive response that shows you are being considered for the next hiring process step. But if you get a message like “You are welcome, and thank you. Speak soon” isn’t a good message that signifies you performed well in the interview.

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Knowing the signs an interview went well can help you figure out what to expect next during the hiring process.

But the problem is that most times you might not observe these signs that the interview went or when reflecting on your recent interview.

That does not necessarily mean you might not also be considered for the position, you might be.

However, if you are not considered, it simply means that the job is not the perfect one for you. Probably you should reflect on your performance to learn from it, and know where you can improve in case you are interviewing another time.

I hope you enjoyed our guide on 10 perfect signs an interview went well.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Did you undergo any recent interview? Which of these signs did you observe?

Is it one or two signs? Or did you observed all 10 signs?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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