Teacher Interview Questions (11 Actionable Examples & Answers)

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Getting familiar with teacher interview questions will boost your opportunity of landing your dream teaching job.

Being a teacher is an incredibly rewarding job. You have the opportunity not just to engage individuals, both big and small, In a specific topic (or different topics), but also to shape how they learn, grow, and also cope in the world.

In a teacher interview you are also going to be asked common interview questions like “Tell me about yourself”, “What motivates you”, but most importantly, you will be asked questions related to teaching – like general teaching questions, questions about working with students, or other teachers.

Interviewing for a teaching position is similar in many ways to any other job. You need to do your research and practice before going for the interview.

One good thing you should practice before going for the interview is how to answer behavioral interview questions. Behavioral interview questions are a type of question that interviewers ask in order to know how an interviewee behaves to specific situations.

This type of question will give hiring managers a hint on how you might behave when confronted with similar situation if hired.


Teachers are very good at public speaking but still find it difficult to tackle teaching interview questions.

Your resume, cover letter, professional portfolio will help you in getting a job, but your impression during a face-to-face interview is what will mostly get you hired. That is why you need to go through the below teacher interview questions to get yourself prepared.

Teacher Interview Questions

Teacher interview questions – Sample #1

Why do you want to be a teacher?

“I really admired my third grade teacher, Mrs. Kim, when I was younger, and even after I left her class I still felt myself drawn to her for advice and guidance over the years. It’s that sense of warmth and acceptance she provided me that inspired me to become a teacher. I want to be that person others can lean on as they navigate the oftentimes tough waters of growing up.”

Teacher interview questions – Sample #2

What kind of qualities do students look for in teachers?

“I think that students look for passion and credibility and can easily see when one or both are present or absent. Teachers have different styles, but the passion and drive of a teacher is essential. Teaching is a difficult job, but it is also one of the most important. Students need to know that you are working hard, expect them to do the same, and will grade them fairly while guiding them through the critical thinking process.”

Teacher interview questions – Sample #3

Why do you want to teach at this school?

I’ve spent a lot of time researching schools within this district and I’m very impressed with what you offer here. Between an award winning teaching staff and a district that is very involved, your school has a teacher-to-student ratio that I think really allows for personalized education. Smaller classroom sizes, like the ones you maintain here, make it possible for me to give each child the one-on-one attention they deserve. On top of that, your after-school science program is exciting to me and I would hope, should I get hired here, that I might be able to become involved in that as well.

Teacher interview questions – Sample #4

What personality traits do teachers need to have?

“First & foremost, teachers must have superior knowledge on their subject. A teacher whose understanding of a subject is half-baked is inexcusable. Apart from that, a teacher must also possess qualities like flexibility, patience, and discipline which help them in managing the complexities of a classroom environment.”

Teacher interview questions – Sample #5

What is the best way to drive enthusiasm and participation amongst students?

“By preparing my lessons creatively and using many learning aids like quizzes, role plays, documentaries, etc., I keep the students deeply involved in the learning process. I also give a lot of importance to creativity in my classroom and often reward students who come up with unique ideas.”


Teacher interview questions – Sample #6

How do you motivate students?

“Positive reinforcement is super important to keep a student motivated, so one thing I like to do is throw out rewards or bonuses when they perform especially well. This could be candy, or a star, or a sticker, or even just a compliment—whatever I can tell students enjoy receiving, and it’s different for everyone. I never want students to feel left out or overindulged, so I always try to be fair and consistent with everyone. But it’s those little moments of recognition I think that keep them happy and excited to learn.”

Teacher interview questions – Sample #7

How do you approach discipline and what role does it play in learning?

“I believe that discipline is an important part of the learning process. I approach it by clearly explaining what is expected and what the limits are in my syllabus as well as my initial class orientation. Discipline is the foundation of respect in the classroom and accountability from the students. In my experience, students do not respond well to forceful discipline. They want a framework where they agree to the rules, are respected as individuals, and are held accountable for their decisions and actions.”

Teacher interview questions – Sample #8

How do you interact with parents?

“Parents play a critical role in supporting their child’s education. I feel that it is extremely important to engage them and ensure that a student is set up for success. I provide contact information for parents and encourage them to contact me if they have any questions about their child’s performance or progress. I approach parental communication in a way that puts us all on the same team with the same goal, which is ensuring the success of the student.”

Teacher interview questions – Sample #9

How do you evaluate students?
“I evaluate students with formal and informal methods, including quizzes and tests. I also grade in-class activities like reports, recitations, desk work, and group activities. One student, John, showed a strong grasp of concepts during in-class activities, but performed poorly during testing. Through working closely with him, I uncovered an undiagnosed vision problem. John got corrective lenses and his test scores rose to match his in-class comprehension.”

Teacher interview questions – Sample #10

How does a teacher’s personality affect heir student?

“Teachers need to have flexibility, compassion, self-discipline, drive and patience to reach their students. Teachers also need to consider state and local testing objectives when devising lesson plans and making sure students understand the materials on which they’ll be tested. Teachers must be able to alter their styles so that every one of their students is able to learn effectively.”

Teacher interview questions – Sample #11

What is your teaching philosophy?

“I believe that the best learning opportunities are the ones that the students come up with themselves. For that reason I spend every lunch hour on the playground with my students and make myself available for them to ask me “playground-pop-quiz” questions. These questions have ranged from everything from how is the ice cream we had at lunch made to exploring the lifecycle of the mosquitoes we found in a piece of playground equipment. I love challenging the students to try to stump me and as a result, they go out of their way to explore the environment around them, making learning fun and exciting.”

Now it’s Your Turn

That is it on my guide on teacher interview questions and answers

Hope you found this article educating?

Which sample answer did you prepare?

What do you think is the most important personality traits for teachers to have?

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