Assistant Drilling Project Manager (ADPM) at KCA Deutag Group

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KCA Deutag Group is one of the world’s leading drilling and engineering contractors working onshore and offshore to provide premium rig services, specialist engineering and design, and land rig manufacture. This company focuses on safety, quality and operational performance.

Assistant Drilling Project Manager (ADPM) at KCA Deutag Group 1

KCA Deutag Group is recruiting candidates for an Assistant Drilling Project Manager (ADPM).

JOB TITLE: Assistant Drilling Project Manager (ADPM)

Reports To: Drilling Project Manager (DPM)


  • The Assistant Drilling Project Manager is assisting the Drilling Project Manager with the responsibility for the safe, economic and efficient operation of the rig and camp Iin accordance with KCA Deutag (Company) Business Managements Systems (EMS), Clients’ standards and Country laws
  • The Assistant Drilling Manager will take over the responsibility and duties, whenever the Drilling Project Manager is not available.

Area(s) of Responsibility

  • To demonstrate and promote safety leadership
  • To plan and manage the activities of the drilling crews such that drilling operations are conducted:
    • Safely, efficiently and effectively
    • In accordance with KCA Deutag and Operator’s policies and to the highest standards of international good oilfield practice
    • In conformance with applicable legislation and standards
    • To work with the Operator’s representatives and those of other contractors on site to optimize the use of resources, achieve cohesion of the inputs to drilling operations and to create a spirit of cross-company team work
    • To apply his experience directly in the event of non-routine activities on the rig and to assume control and manage the crews and resources in the event of an incipient or actual emergency or incident
    • To advise the Drilling Project Manager and Operator’s representative of all issues which could merit their attention
    • To maintain and enhance as appropriate, the rig and associated equipment to retain its asset value and marketability, and to continuously develop improvements to rig site practices so as to enhance safety and performance


  • The drilling project and personal on behalf of Company.

Key Tasks

  • Personally responsible for own safety and conducting one’s self to the standards of Company Policies and Procedures
  • Take personal responsibility for, and demonstrate leadership in HSE
  • Plays leading role in safety meetings and the safety program
  • Provide leadership, guidance and coaching to direct reports and manage their efforts so as to maximize their contribution to operational effectiveness and performance
  • Direct enactment of the Operator’s drilling programs and manage Company resources being applied to the drilling activities at site so as to achieve safe, efficient and effective operations
  • Ensure that the rig is operated in accordance within the design parameters and in conformance with Companies BMS.
  • Be present at the rig floor or relevant area of the rig to direct all critical activities
  • Take responsibility for planned maintenance, certification, record-keeping and reporting
  • Assist the DPM to ensure all equipment on site (including sub-contractors and Clients equipment) is suitable for use and in safe condition
  • Assist the DPM to maintain all required record and documentation at rig site in an organized manner and produce accurate and timely reports on all aspects of rig operations and personnel matters
  • Assist the DPM to develop rig move plans and manage rig moves, taking personal responsibility for safely rigging-down & rigging-up of the drilling rig, camp and associated equipment
  • Establish a culture of continuous improvement in operations and demonstrate results in this regard
  • Work with the Operator’s site personnel and other site contractors to develop improved practices which will positively impact on drilling Performance
  • Ensure that drilling operations are conducted in accordance with policies and practices of Company, the Operator and relevant national authorities
  • Liaise with Operator’s other contractors who are involved in operations so as to achieve cohesion in concurrent / simultaneous operations and cross-company teamwork & effectiveness
  • Take responsibility for all HR matters at rig site, including training and development of expatriate and national staff in the rig crews particularly with regard to on the job training
  • Maintain the validity of personal certification and training together with that for the rig crews
  • Assist the DPM with preparation of incident report are filled out in detail and in a timely manner in the event of an incident, illness, near miss, equipment damage or environmental spill
  • Ensure understanding of, and compliance with, Company permit to work system
  • Assist the DPM with completion of all daily / monthly approval
  • Ensure compliance with all statutory pollution prevention procedures
  • Assist the DPM when planning maintenance and repair tasks so as to minimize the effect on the drilling operation
  • Supervise the order, cleanliness and housekeeping at all relevant work sites and around all rig equipment
  • Assist the DPM with adequate supply of spare parts which, are maintained on the installation and stored in environmentally sound conditions
  • Ensure that all sections of the Enhanced Drilling Reporting System (EDRS) are updated on a dally basis
  • To ensure representatives of certifying authorities on Inspections of the Installation are accompanied as required.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Safety is a line of responsibility. Each individual member of the company should be aware of his responsibility to ensure safe working in his respective area.
  • Apply Company safety regulations at all times
  • Report to the Line Supervisor all the potential hazards and abnormal situations
  • Obtain the necessary safety clearance for the nature / type of work to be carried out, in advance, in consultation with the HSE Adviser and in accordance with safety procedures (i.e. Work Permit).
  • Explain to the persons concerned the visible and hidden hazards Involved in the jobs. (Job Safety Analysis / Prejob meeting).
  • Instruct personnel before commencing the work to the safety precautions and measures to be observed at work (tool box meetings).
  • Investigate and report near misses and correct them immediately
  • Promptly report to line management, any violation of safety regulations by the personnel, even if this violation has not resulted man accident.


  • To have a good understanding of budgets and demonstrate an awareness to stay in the budget.

Systems and Processes:

  • Comply with the Permit to Work systems in operation on the rig and Base
  • Consult KOMS before the execution of each job to assure the latest standard is in place
  • Assure that all rig specific work instructions are available on site
  • Assure rig move plans and equipment load lists are available before starting of a rig move
  • Assure the EDRS is correct and up to date.


  • Ensure that all subordinates have sufficient information and knowledge to carry out their job without endangering any persons, plant or equipment and are adequately trained and experienced for a particular task before they are instructed to carry it out.
  • Ensure that health and safety at work and accident prevention are continuously brought to the attention of all employees under his authority by means of job supervision, Instruction and training
  • Assure that all subordinates under his command are appraised yearly on a fair basis
  • Assure that all subordinates are trained to but not limited to companies’ minimum training standard.


  • Ensure compliance to all relevant Group management systems and where applicable client procedures

Minimum Experience:

  • 2 years proven experience working in a similar position in the drilling industry. international experience is an advantage.

Additional Qualifications:

  • It is needed that the Assistant Drilling Project Manager is able to support and troubleshoot on all Bentec Control systems as Mud pumps, SCR, Top Drives and Draw-works.
  • The DPM must have a minimum working experience of 3-5 years working with Bentec control system.

Required Personal Attributes:

  • Commitment to safe working practices, policies and legislation
  • Enthusiastic, self-molivator
  • Good Interpersonal, organisational and communication skills in good English
  • Ability to work individually and as part of a team
  • Willing to travel and work in other countries on Companies requests.
  • Be flexible to work outside the normal hours if the situation requires that
  • Willing to join Companies training program (i.e. Drilling Course 1 & 2).

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their Applications to be accompanied with all credentials and CV to: [email protected] using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.

Deadline: September 14, 2020