Media Sector and Communication Channel Mapping Consultant at Search for Common Ground (SFCG)

Search for Common Ground which is currently in 36 countries, is an international non-profile organization with a mission to transform the way the world deals with conflict.

Media Sector and Communication Channel Mapping Consultant at Search for Common Ground (SFCG) 1

JOB TITLE: Media Sector and Communication Channel Mapping Consultant



  • Search for Common Ground (Search) is seeking the services of a Consultant (an individual or organization) for a media sector analysis and communication channel mapping across the 7 Off-Cycle election states of Anambra, Bayelsa, Edo, Ekiti, Kogi, Ondo, Osun in Nigeria.
  • The Consultant is expected to have proven quantitative and qualitative data collection experience to facilitate baseline survey, media, and communication channels mapping.
  • The Candidate’s resume should include previous data collection experience with a detailed description of the organizations and specific tasks worked on.
  • Candidates should also include language skills and proficiency levels of local Nigerian languages in their resumes.

Purpose and Objectives of the Mapping

  • As part of achieving objective 3, which is to strengthen civic education and efforts to counter hate speech, misinformation, and disinformation, Search will be conducting communication channel mapping and media sector analysis to understand where diverse Nigerian youths, women, IDPs, and PWDs access election-related information.
  • The media mapping and communication channel assessment and findings will inform effective media engagements and monitoring of communication channels for hate speech trends as well as rumour tracking and will provide recommendations to develop tailored counter hate speech messages and election-related information.
  • This would also provide the opportunity to capture baseline information on project monitoring indicators and allow for effective assessment of progress in achieving project goals and objectives.
  • The anticipated year 1 output is the media sector analysis and communication channel mapping which will be conducted in off-cycle election states across the country.
  • The findings will also support monthly hate speech monitoring studies and dissemination to stakeholders.

Objectives of Media Sector Mapping and Communication Channel and Baseline Assessment
The objectives of the media sector analysis and communication channel mapping are specified below:

Media Sector Mapping:

  • To generate a database of media houses (print, radio stations, and TV stations) and their networks in selected states. 
  • To determine social influencers geographic location and reach in selected states and across the country
  • To gather information on the types of program focus – electoral and governance issues – by the media houses and social influencers while assessing their organizational capacity on civic education and countering misinformation/disinformation and hate speech.

Communication Channel Assessment:

  • To determine appropriate communication channels for disseminating information for varying demographics (Youths, women, IDPs, and PWDs) in the selected state
  • To ascertain effective channels to circulate information on election and democratic processes among different demographics  in targeted states and across the country

Baseline Data on Misinformation and Hate Speech:

  • To assess citizens’ perception of “hate speech” currently. (categorization)
  • To assess the extent of misinformation and hate speech amongst citizens currently
  • To determine how and what channels hate speech is mostly spread currently 
  • To assess citizens currently respond when they encounter hate speech
  • Findings from this Media Sector Analysis and Communication Channel Mapping will be used to inform tailored election-related information and monitoring of hate speech in selected states.
  • The findings will be shared with the consortium and archived to inform future program implementation.
  • Additionally, findings will serve as reference points for radio programming activities as well as communication channels that target audience get and source information from including social media platforms.

Geographic Locations:

  • This assessment will be conducted in the seven off-cycle election states of Anambra, Bayelsa, Edo, Ekiti, Kogi, Ondo and Osun.

Methodology and Data Collection Tools:

  • The application should outline the research approach and methods for data collection to be used, including the justification for these methods related to the research questions.
  • It must clearly explain why the proposed methodology is the most appropriate to achieve the study objectives; they must also clarify the different tools that will be used and how each of these tools contributes to meeting the established lines of inquiry. Also, it should also include the samplesize, sampling strategy and approach to analysis.


  • An inception report detailing the methodology, sampling strategy, data collection tools, and timeline;
  • Any necessary training of data collectors or set-up of systems for data collection;
  • Supervision and participation in data collection;
  • Oversight of data coding and analysis;
  • Presentation of preliminary findings from data collected with Search before submission of first draft report;
  • All original data submitted to Search;
  • A draft evaluation report in the English language for review by Search staff and partners;
  • A final report in English (40 pages max in length, excluding appendices) consistent with Search branding and standards for evaluation. The report:
    • Uses the Search evaluation template unless otherwise agreed in the contract
    • Fully explains the objectives and research questions of the study, limitations and methods chosen for analysis, 
    • Findings respect Search’s assessment standards, are structured around the main objectives of the study and are presented in relation to the intended target groups. The findings should speak to the link between the project, its Theory of Change, and its contribution to our strategy. 
    • Recommendations should have a clear audience and be specific, accessible, and actionable. 
    • Appendices should include detailed research instruments, a list of interviewees, terms of references and evaluator(s) brief biography.

Logistical Support:

  • The consultant will be responsible for organizing their own logistics for data collection (vehicles, fuel, and accommodation in the seven states) Search staff member (Media Coordinator) will be on the field with the consultant. In addition, Search and partners will share the following elements with the external consultant(s): Background materials including the project proposal and log frame, M&E plan, and other documents as needed and available.

Requirements of Consultant

  • Proficiency in English and at least one native language(written and spoken);
  • More than 5 years of experience in conducting mapping exercise, assessment, project evaluation, including collecting data in interviews, surveys, and focus groups;
  • Valuable experience in conducting media, CSO, or stakeholders mapping
  • Experience in conflict analysis and working with justice and civil society sectors;
  • Experience working with international organizations;
  • Experience conducting quantitative and qualitative surveys and analysis;
  • Evaluation methods and data collection skills;
  • Strong analytical and report writing skills
  • Familiarity and experience with contextual challenges in the geographic location(s) where the study will take place.


Deadline: June 18, 2021

Job Features

Job CategoryJournalism/Mass Media/Broadcasting, Media / Art / Entertainment